Expressing your personality better, change your look following the fashion, the season or the mood of the moment or, simply, having a different look for every occasion, for many women (and men) it is a dream come true with Desio contact lenses.

Desio is the brand produced and distributed exclusively by Qualimed. Qualimed, with its innovative and trendy products, has revolutionized the world of optometry. By combining the innate passion for beauty with experience in the medical sector, Qualimed has created a line of colored contact lenses capable of uniquely combining design, natural looks, dioptric correction, safety and maximum comfort.

Desio is inspired by the world of fashion and becoming a source of inspiration for fashion icons all over the world. Qualimed has gone beyond the “old” concept of colored contact lenses, transforming them into a must-have beauty.
New collections, with incredible colors and effects, are punctually combined with the “basic” collections to best meet the needs and trends of the moment. In this way, with Desio lenses, every woman can always feel unique and beautiful.

The colors of Desio lenses are not “simple” shades, but entire worlds to discover. From the iconic Sensual Beauty Lenses proposals to the brown shades of the Coffee Collection, to the Two Shades of Gray. Just to name a few. Because Desio’s philosophy is to make eye color a real art.

The importance of naturalness.

Among the characteristics that distinguish Desio colored contact lenses, there is the pleasant and natural aesthetic effect. Let’s not forget, in fact, that the ideal colored contact lens is created to change the color of the iris, but at the same time to guarantee a “natural” result. Qualimed managed to perfectly balance these two aspects and to obtain lenses with an unparalleled aesthetic result.

Great attention to the safety and tolerability of the lenses.

You can wear Desio contact lenses with maximum comfort for as long as you desire. Desio contact lenses are CE certified, ophthalmologically tested and approved by the FDA.

Dioptric corrections.

Why are Desio colored lenses so loved all over the world? Because they are not only beautiful, but also useful and functional. In addition to allowing you to change the natural color of the iris, they also allow more complex dioptric correction (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism). An the result is double: new look and perfect vision.

Daily, monthly and quarterly lenses.

The wide variety of available colors is offered in daily, monthly or quarterly lenses to ensure all the customer needs.
Desio colored contact lenses are a guarantee of quality and safety for the specialist and for the end customer. That’s why they are so appreciated all over the world. With Desio, the specialist knows he can offer the customer a safe and cutting-edge product, and the client, for their part, knows they can buy lenses that they can wear for as long as they want without accusing any problems whatsoever. Desio, for a truly irresistible look.

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