Have you ever wished to express your uniqueness through the color of your eyes? With the Attitude 3 tones daily color contact lenses, you will have four colors at your disposal to represent your individuality.

Experience the pinnacle of daily color contact lenses, imbued with both inner and outer radiance inspired by central heterochromia. This revolutionary lens, enriched with inner hues, bestows your iris with vivid coloration and an exceptionally natural appearance, setting you apart effortlessly.

Indulge in the allure of an irresistible blue, the refinement of a precious gray, the enchantment of a charming green, or the warmth of a tender hazel. The decision is yours, a reflection of your inner essence and style.

Delve into the world of Attitude 3 tones daily color contact lenses, where each shade embodies a facet of your personality, enhancing your gaze with unparalleled depth and allure. Elevate your look, captivate attention, and let your eyes speak volumes about who you are.

With packaging containing 12 lenses, crafted from advanced polymacon material, and boasting a water content of 38%, these lenses offer superior comfort and clarity. Utilizing cast molding technology, they ensure precise fit and exceptional wearability. Designed for daily use, with a diameter of 14.20 mm and a base curve of 8.70 mm, these lenses provide optimal coverage and comfort. With an oxygen permeability of 12.48×10, they promote eye health and comfort throughout the day, ensuring your eyes feel as good as they look.


Daily Color Contact Lenses Irresistible blue

Irresistible Blue

Daily Color Contact Lenses Charming Green

Charming Green

Daily Color Contact Lenses Precious Grey

Precious Grey

Daily Color Contact Lenses Tender Hazel

Tender Hazel


Powers Steps
Myopia da -0.50 a -6.00 0.25
da -6.00 a -13.00 0.50
Hyperopia da +0.50 a +6.00 0.25