Introducing Desio’s revolutionary Attitude 1 tone color contact Lenses, a breakthrough in contactology. Crafted from advanced Hioxifilcon D material, these monthly lenses redefine comfort, hydration, and style. Additionally, ideal for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and functionality, the Attitude 1 tone color contact lenses excel in moisture retention, thanks to the HEMA-Glycerol monomers.

With each package containing 2 lenses, these Hioxifilcon D lenses boast a water content of 54% and are manufactured using state-of-the-art cast molding technology. Moreover, designed for monthly wear, they feature a diameter of 14.30 mm and a base curve of 8.60 mm, ensuring a comfortable fit for most wearers. Furthermore, their oxygen permeability of 21.50 x 10-11 ensures optimal eye health and comfort throughout the day.

Whether you are seeking brown or green lenses, the Attitude 1 tone collection offers four captivating colors: Shameless Hazel, Sublime Grey, Lush Green, and Angelic Blue. Elevate your vision with Desio’s Attitude 1 tone color contact lenses. Experience the epitome of visual enhancement with these lenses, offering unparalleled comfort, clarity, and style for wearers. Lastly, embrace a renewed perspective on eye care and aesthetics with Desio’s innovative approach to contact lenses.

Color Contact Lenses Angelic Blue

Angelic Blue

Color Contact Lenses Lush Green

Lush Green

color contact lenses sublime grey

Sublime Grey

Color contact lenses shameless hazel

Shameless Hazel

Experience the unparalleled benefits of HEMA-Glycerol, an advanced material ideal for individuals who have had negative experiences with color contact lenses in the past. Moreover, its enhanced resistance to pollutants and deposit-preventing properties make it an excellent choice for users seeking utmost comfort and reliability. Whether dealing with myopia, hyperopia, or sensitive eyes, these lenses offer a comfortable and dependable solution. Additionally, they feature four authentic reproductions of natural iris colors.

Discover the transformative Attitude 1 tone lenses by Desio for a revitalized and comfortable visual journey, seamlessly merging visual well-being with aesthetic appeal.


Powers Steps
Plano 0.00
Myopia da -0.50 a -6.00 0.25
da -6.00 a -8.00 0.50
Hyperopia da +0.50 a +4.00 0.25