IIntroducing the ATTITUDE Timeless colored contact lenses – they’re all about sophistication and elegance. These lenses blend style and comfort seamlessly, giving colored contacts a whole new meaning. Each lens in this collection is carefully crafted with attention to detail, showing off a beautiful 3-tone palette and a Limbal Ring that adds to their timeless charm.

The Timeless Collection offers four lovely hues: Eternal Brown, Timeless Grey, Infinity Blue, and Forever Green. Whether you prefer the ‘Plano’ version or need diopter correction ranging from -8.00 to +4.00, these lenses promise realistic looks and comfort, smoothly blending with your natural eye color.

Our Timeless colored contact lenses are made for those who want subtle yet sophisticated eye enhancement. We understand the need for darker, understated shades that complement dark brown eyes. That’s why we’ve carefully selected colors that enhance your natural beauty instead of overpowering it. They give you a subtle enhancement that feels natural.

Precision and Innovation in Craftsmanship

These lenses are crafted with precision; each featuring a 14.2 mm diameter for optimal coverage and comfort all day long. Made from Hioxifilcon D material with glycerol, they boast a 54% water content for hydration and comfort, especially for sensitive eyes. Plus, they come with integrated UV protection to keep your eyes safe from harmful rays.

The ATTITUDE Timeless Collection isn’t just about eyewear – it’s a celebration of individuality, elegance, and self-expression. With its perfect blend of style and comfort, this collection lets you embrace your unique allure with confidence, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Try out the ATTITUDE Timeless Collection today and add a touch of timeless sophistication to your look!

Infinity Blue Timeless Colored Contact Lenses

Infinity Blue

Forever Green

Timeless Grey Timeless Colored Contact Lenses

Timeless Grey


Eternal Brown

Timeless Colored Contact Lenses


Powers Steps
Plano 0.00
Myopia da -0.50 a -6.00 0.25
da -6.00 a -8.00 0.50
Hyperopia da +0.50 a +4.00 0.25