In celebration of its remarkable tenth anniversary milestone, Desio proudly unveils the Salt & Pepper – 10th Anniversary Collection. Additionally, this bespoke creation is crafted to commemorate a decade of unwavering dedication to excellence. Moreover, the exquisite ensemble features a carefully curated selection, comprising two pairs of colored contact lenses adorned in the alluring new hues of Salty White and Pepper Grey.

  • Packaging Content: Each set includes 2 lenses, meticulously designed to enhance your natural beauty. Additionally, crafted from high-quality Hioxifilcon D material, these lenses ensure superior comfort and clarity for wearers. Furthermore, with a water content of 54%, they provide optimal hydration throughout the day.
  • Technology: Utilizing advanced cast molding technology, these lenses offer exceptional precision and consistency in color and design. As a result, this ensures a seamless and natural transition between your natural eye color and the captivating tones of the lenses.
  • Wear Duration: Designed for monthly wear, these lenses offer convenience and flexibility for your lifestyle. Additionally, each pair is crafted with durability in mind, maintaining their quality and comfort throughout the month.
  • Diameter and Base Curve: With a diameter of 14.30 mm and a base curve of 8.60 mm, these lenses provide optimal coverage and fit for most wearers, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience.
  • Oxygen Permeability: These lenses boast an oxygen permeability of 21.50 x 10, allowing for ample oxygen flow to the eyes, promoting eye health and comfort.

Designed to elevate aesthetic appeal, these exclusive colors add charm and allure to any look. Furthermore, they transcend conventional boundaries, creating an unforgettable impression. Whether aiming for a subtle enhancement or a bold statement, the Salt & Pepper – 10th Anniversary Collection offers endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity. Additionally, with its timeless elegance and impeccable quality, this collection embodies the essence of Desio’s decade-long commitment to excellence.


Romantic Blue

Anniversary Collection

Pepper Grey

Anniversary Collection

Salty White

Delicious Honey

Anniversary Collection
Anniversary Collection


Powers Steps
Plano 0.00
Myopia da -0.50 a -6.00 0.25
da -6.00 a -8.00 0.50
Hyperopia da +0.50 a +4.00 0.25