Founded in 2011, Desio specializes in color contact lenses. We combine innovative design, natural aesthetics, diopter corrections, safety, and comfort into each lens. Exclusively licensed by Qualimed, our products are available across Europe, South America, the Middle East, and the USA.

Our dedication to detail sets us apart. From sophisticated packaging to advanced lens technology, every aspect is crafted with precision. Inspired by fashion trends, Desio also influences the fashion industry.

Our founder and CEO, Tereza Uhrova, launched Desio with a vision to transform the colored lens market. With her extensive experience in contactology and a passion for fashion and beauty, Tereza introduced a line of contact lenses unlike any other.

Over a decade later, Desio offers a broad palette of lens colors. These lenses are crafted using high-quality materials like Polymacon and Hioxifilcon D, ensuring compatibility with eye health.

In 2022, we expanded into a new headquarters. It features over 3,000 square meters of space, including 1,000 square meters dedicated to production.

color contact lenses
color contact lenses qualimed


Desio has redefined colored contact lenses as a daily accessory, not just for special occasions. Our lenses provide a fashionable alternative to traditional lenses and glasses. They are CE certified and approved by the American FDA 510k. We offer over twenty-five colors, available in plano, and corrective versions for various vision needs. Our lenses come in daily, monthly, and quarterly options.



“Enhancing Your World, One color at a time: We’re dedicated to providing vibrant, safe, and innovative colored contact lenses that empower you to express your unique style and enhance your natural beauty, while ensuring comfort and quality in every gaze.”


 The new facility allows for the optimal integration of production processes with Industry 4.0 technologies. It enables seamless execution, monitoring of production phases, product tracking, data collection, and real-time performance monitoring.

Desio color contact lenses
Desio color contact lenses
Desio color contact lenses